The CCCW “Meet the Fokkers” at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome

Written by John Kramer

Sunday, Oct. 5, was a beautiful fall day – cool, but with a clear blue sky.  A perfect day for flying.  The weekend airshows at the Aerodrome have been attracting photographers for many years.  On this day, 11 CCCW members and some spouses arrived for a day of shooting.

Most of us started photographing in the old hangars containing many planes that are either not flown anymore or are being restored.  The nearby museum houses more antique airplanes, many model airplanes, and other aviation memorabilia. We all ended up down at the flight line with the collection of currently flyable planes in anticipation of the airshow.  A couple planes started the show with a toilet paper cutting demonstration.  Sunday is always “World War I Day,” so the rest of the flying activities revolved around the eternal love triangle of Percy Goodfellow, Trudy Truelove, and The Black Baron, whose henchmen provided little help in getting him his long sought after kiss from Trudy.

A couple “French” characters, Pierre DeLoopDeLoop and Mademoiselle Fifi added to the comic confusion while replica WW I fighters circled the field.  The Black Baron flew his Fokker Dr1 Triplane while fellow Germans flew a Fokker D-VII and Albatross D.Va.  Pierre pursued in his French SPAD VII, but Percy and his Sopwith Camel were apparently grounded for the day. The Flying Farmer who put on an entertaining aerobatic display in his Piper Cub interrupted the battle.  The spectator side of the fence was more interesting than usual with the presence of over a dozen people who came to see the show dressed in “period costume.” It was odd to see them take photos of each other in front of the planes using cell phone cameras – certainly not “period” equipment.

There were a variety of photographic opportunities during the day such as getting close to planes on the ground, shooting them in aerial maneuvers, catching the antics on the field, and observing costumed or regular spectators.  The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome continues to provide a step back in time in the digital age.



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